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There are some songs that have a lot of success, that everybody remember ti, but never more where heard about the groups who sing it.

Whe start with the german group Fool's garden and Lemon tree. With this song they had top hip in Europe and Asia.

Lou Bega has his biggest hit with this version from the Dámaso Pérez Prado's Mambo nr 5

Here the Dámaso Pérez Prado's song

The song Tic Tic Tac was heard in the 90's thanks to the band Carrapicho. They had a hit with this song in Europe, Southamerica and Israel. They had'nt another hit like this one.

Carry on with the brazilian music we have to Ballini i Samba de Janeiro

If you pay attention the dance is a mix between the dance form Whigfield, with Saturday night, and Los del Rio with Macarena

To them who just know to Los del Rio from this version of Macarena, there was in Spain a first version. Which was made disco to make it more commercial in the rest of the world.

To finish today, another one-hit wonder, the Ketchup (they had more records, but no so success like this hit) and the Asereje (you can heard the original Spanish version in the Spanish like in this topic). It's true that they had more CD's, and they did sing in Eurovision, but this was their only one top hit. The Chorus is a plagiarism from the beginning from The Sugarhill gang's song Rapper's Delight. And they copied the music from the son Good times from Chic

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Que recuerdos me trae la de "Saturday night". Cuando yo empezaba a salir de marcha (a los 16 o 17) era una de las que sonaban por aquellos entonces :)

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