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This recipe has some variations. There are who put more kind of sausage. The recipe which I write is the one that I usually eat.
This is a valencian tipical dish. To me, personally, I like it more than the paella.
I do not cook with the exact quantities. I cook by the lump. Because that I give some mesueres in cups.

In the one hand we need a mud casserole. It can be round or square. It dependes on your preference or according with what do you have.

The ingredients for 4 people are:

  1. A cup of rice per person. The rice is the bomb kind. I use the marc La Fallera. Which personally I like more.
  2. Double water than rice. This is, if for 4 people we need 4 cups of rice, then, we need 8 cups of water.
  3. A handful of chikpeas.
  4. A quarter kilo of ribs (cutted up).
  5. A quarter kilo of belly pork (cutted up in dices).
  6. Potatoes. From this I do not give the exact quantity. It by the lump also. If the potatoes are big, then we need 2 potatoes per 4 people.
  7. 2 big ripen tomatoes.
  8. 1 black pudding (blood sausasge) per person.If the black puddings are big, like in the picture, then we need just 1 for all.
  9. 1 bulb of garlic.
  10. Food coloring (if you have saffron is better, but more expensive)
  11. Salt
  12. Olive oil (if not sunflower oil)
Put the pickpeas in water a whole nite (then it will be softer the next day).
The potatoes, after peel it, you have to cut it in (aprox.) a finger thickness slices. You have to fry it untill it has a golden color. Next you have to fry the ribs, following the belly pork. At the end you cut the potatoes in half and you fry both sides a little. Everything you have to fry it separately. I do it in this order that I explained to use the oil, because the potatoes need more quantity.
When everything is fried, you have to put it into the mud casserole putting at the end the pichbeas and the rice, which fill the spaces between the meat, potatoes and tomatoes. On the top you put the bulb of garlic.
Next you put the water, the salt and the food coloring. You left the black pudding out for later. You insert the casserole into the oven which previously was hot.
In the meanwhile the rice is cooking you can taste the water to know if you need to add more salt. You can toss the rice a little in the meantime is cooking. You have to cook over a medium heat during 30 minuts. When it left 5 or 10 minuts to finish you have to put on the top the black pudding. You put it almost at the end because if you put it in the beginning it will burst.

Some people use also spicy sausages and loin of pork

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