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After a lot of time thinking making a blog, finally I did make the decision.
I was not easy to find a name for it, but there it is (Curious about everything).
Like says the it name, really I am curious about everything. Then I will be about everything. This is good and bad. The good one is the thematic will be varied, the bad one is that I don't know from where I can start, he he he.
As far as possible I will insert everything in some languages. The ones that I speak and the one that I am learning. In this one I will have a little help :)
Those who know to me you know that I am a little more than 2 years out from Spain and a little more than 3 years from my land.
I know that in the beginning only will know about this blog the people who know me. But from something we have to start.
For real Life is a 2 days duration's long way from which, if you want, you can learn constantly.
Health for everybody. And good Way

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