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Anywhere around the world Danone is making a very aggressive campaign showing the benefits for the health that are the Actimel and the Activia (former Bio).

The only one thing that makes the Actimel is the same one than the regular yoghurt. I has nothing else. Just a lot of publicity and some lie at it.

Since Actimel get out to the market the bacterium that compose it changed it name. First was L. casei inmunitas. With this they wanted to say that it helps to the immune. Now is called L. casei defensis. So you can understand that it defends your organism. In reality the L. casei's strain used by Danone is DN-114001 del L. Casei. It has nothing special. Besides the it price is double than a regular yoghurt.

The easy that Danone changes it bacterium names has nothing of scientific. Is the same about they say about their exclusive strains. But they have nothing exclusive.

The regular yoghurt is made from the bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Strerptococus thermophilus. And it has to be named yoghurt just when the bacterium are alive at the end of the process. There are lactic products called pasteurized yoghurts, but if you pasteurize the yoghurt what you make is to cook it and to kill the beneficial bacterium. But it never will be yoghurt. Doesn't matter that some companies from different countries made force to be allowed to sell this product like yoghurt.

Actimel is another yoghurt made by another Lactobacillus. So, is a yoghurt without something special.

I remember that in the beginning to appear in the market the Actimel the publicity said that every Actimel had 10 billions' L. casei immunitas. That's a lot if you think about it. By coincidence, I was studing Biology at that time. At Food microbiology we analyzed the Actimel and we obtained 1 million of bacterium by any Actimel. The difference between what it was said at the advertisements and what we obtained was huge. Comparing what it said Danone and what we obtained was: According with Danone
1.000.000 Laboratory result

The difference is big.

Is the same with the Activia (former Bio, but like it wasn't from a biological culturing the EU forbade to use this name), it is made by Lactobacillus bifidus. But Danone, again, uses the publicity name Bifidus actiregularis. It plays with the name Activia and the word regulation to sell that it regulates the digestive tract. And it is just another youghurt with a yoghurt properties. Because if you have digestive problems an ordinary yoghurt helps to you to regulate it.

From the Lactobacillus bifidus family are:

  1. B. Longum

  2. B. Fijidum

  3. B. Infantis

  4. B. Breve

Because that the Danone's name is just marketing. The Danone's strain is Bifidobacterium animalis DN173010. That about Actiregularis is just a Danone's invention. Nothing scientific.
Danone has like ows the strains:

  1. Bifidus Digestivum

  2. Bifidus Regularis

  3. Bifidobacerium Lactis

  4. Bifidus ActiRegularis

But, this is just marketing. Those strains don't exist in the Nature. Any scientific never will say to you that strains exist.

The problem is that the organizations that had to regulate this deceiving advertisements allow this.

Even the Actimel and Activia (curious name similarity) advertisements say to you to make the Actimel challenge or the Activia challenge to prove how good you will feel when you eat it for a time. If you make the same with the ordinary yoghurt you will have the same result.

But people don't stop to think about it.

Now you know what's the matter. So you can eat a youghurt or you can eat a yoghurt that will cost to you double and it will give you the same res

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